About us

Many people ask me why we bothered to build ZEMPCENTER.

It‘s a fair question. There are plenty of options out there for Point-of-Sales software. But the problem was that none of the options were right for my wife’s business. My wife’s retail business was using a legacy Point-of-Sales solution, and she was struggling. It was complicated, expensive, and was lacking many vital functions. She had no visibility of her business, nor what the purchase behavior was of her customers. Purchases, Inventory tracking and do simple promotions, just to mention a few, were a huge burden to track. A ton of stuff was slipping through the cracks. My wife and her customers weren‘t happy, and neither was I. So I looked for a better solution.

What did the market have to offer us back then?

Unfortunately, what I found was that the all Point-of-Sales software on the market was either to light or if they offered comprehensive functionalities, it was too expensive and too complicated. It seemed that these solutions have been developed by non-industry experts and did not understand what a small and medium business needed.

That's why I started ZEMP.

ZEMPCENTER, the Brand name of our solution, is a simple to use tool for growing small businesses that need help to digitize their entire business. We built an intuitive solution that anyone can use, and that can grow with your success. No hidden cost. No complexity. No expensive installation.

We are proud of our product!

I‘m proud to say that ZEMP is the product that I wish existed back when I was looking for the perfect Point-of Sales software for my wife’s retail store. And I‘m also proud of my excellent team, thath helped me to develop this unique solution which is tailored for small and medium business. Whether you‘re ready to move on from your offline Register, or you‘re fed up with complicated Point-of-Sales, I hope you‘ll give ZEMPCENTER a try. I‘m confident that you‘ll love it. Give it a shot, and email me at to let me know what you think, or subscribe to our solution.

Our Team

Oliver Zemp

Founder & CEO

Angela Katzenmeier


Vimal Rai

Chief Development Officer

Arinda Bouman

Product Managment

Advisory Board

Britta Pukall

Dr. Berthold Kaib

Michael Ganser

Stefan Brunner

Walter Zemp